Personal Training


Personal training takes place in a psychologically comfortable environment: You are one-on-one with me, your personal trainer. I monitor your comfort and your execution of the exercises. For some of us, the obstacle to good fitness and health is either shyness or unwillingness to work in a group for one reason or another, and lack of knowledge. Maybe you just prefer an individual approach.
Training sessions are suitable for all ages. If you are 7 to 70 years old, then I have a training program that is right for you. For example, you may choose between weight loss training or weight gain training. Keep in mind that being able to take an individual approach is the most effective type of training. It is difficult and often impossible for a trainer to give everyone desired attention during a group session.  Training exercises and sequences are selected individually for you at each session, taking into account your physical and psychological state to date and the total daily workload that preceded the training. All the attention from the beginning to the end of the training session I pay only to you, therefore, personal training allows the immediate correction of errors in the technique. Lastly, each training session is designed to work towards achieving your own personal goals.

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