Pregnancy, Sudden Weight Gain, Post Trauma


PREGNANCYEven if you had a beautiful figure before pregnancy, it will likely change a lot after nine months of carrying a baby. Breast enlargement, fat deposition, posture change, weakened abdominal muscles - these are just some of the problems that upset young mothers.However, such changes are absolutely normal due to a long-term load on the spine, a change in lifestyle, a decrease in physical activity, hormonal changes, and lactation are affected. Nevertheless, this does not mean that your former appearance will not return. It is believed that complete recovery after delivery takes as much as pregnancy - at least nine months, but here you should make a reservation - recovery will only happen with your active participation and desire to improve. Want to know where to start and how to get yourself in shape after giving birth? Then let's go, we will do this together!
WEIGHT GAINBeing overweight is a growing problem for people of different ages and sex. This problem is particularly concerning for women. The lifestyle of a modern woman today often contributes to the accumulation of excess fat in the body. I think we can all agree that the standards of modern beauty require women to be perfect in everything starting with their figure, which leads to feelings of stress and low self esteem. But being overweight is not only a threat to our beauty, more importantly, it affects our health and leads to many illnesses.   Often extra pounds lead to serious psychological disorders and health problems.  We will solve this problem together and you will be in great shape! It’s possible and is absolutely attainable!
POST TRAUMA FITNESSOnce your doctor gives you the okay to slowly get back into fitness, it's important to move and stay active. Most injuries are temporary, so it's important to remind yourself that you will be able to return to the sport or activity you enjoyed. It's just going to take some time to regain the speed and strength you had. Together, we will put into place an individualized workout plan that will help you get there.  
If you...● Need to shed baby weight● Lose weight● Tone up, get lean● Get back into fitness after an injury
Then let me help you! I have many years of experience working with clients with all of the listed above needs.  

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