Train outdoors or in the comfort of your own home


OUTDOOR TRAININGGood weather entices us to train outdoors.  Training in the park or elsewhere is possible for both personal and group training. Type of Training: Functional training for all muscle groups. Goal: reduction of fat deposits, tone and strengthening of the muscular corset, development of the cardiovascular system, the acquisition of sports figure, but at the same time preservation of the female form.  Equipment: TRX bands, rubber expanders, free weights, and body weight exercises. You only need an exercise mat, a water bottle, and a great mood 
AT HOME TRAININGDon't have the opportunity to go to the gym and want to work out at home or train at a more comfortable place for you? Then an on-site workout in your area is exactly what you need. 

ALL of the training programs are built to fit your goals. I rely solely on your individual characteristics, your health, and your personal needs! 

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